Golf Tournament Signs Houston

Golf Tournament Season is here, and Houston, TX, is known for our golf! The main reason for golf tournaments is to raise money for nonprofit organizations. Selling hole flags is a great way to raise money. This proudly displays your sponsor’s brand. You can have sponsors for things such as lunch sponsor pin sponsor, putting green sponsor, and awards ceremony sponsors! Golf tournaments can raise big donations for you!

Golf Tournament Signs are Essential

Many different types of sponsor signage will make your sponsor’s company logo stand out.

Reasons to Host a Golf Tournament

There are so many reasons to host a golf tournament. They raise great revenue for charitable organizations. Golf tournaments are a tried-and-true way to raise funds. If you do them right, they could raise countless donations for you.

Here are a few fantastic reasons to consider hosting a golf event.·  

• Get a social event with a professional golf tournament
• A low-cost way to raise money for your organization or charity
• An affordable promotional opportunity
• Increase the number of people who attend your event

There are just a few suggestions. You can come up with some of your own like we have a client conduct silent auctions at his tournament and it came out great. The whole goal is to generate revenue for your organization.

Your Golf Tournament is Perfect to Showcase Your Cause

Rather you are running for office or are a not-for-profit organization, it is your time to shine. You can tell everybody what you stand for and your plans. This is a good time to give out an award or awards, they can be too large donors or outstanding community service. You have an audience right there, mine as well take advantage of it.

If you are an organization that helps people, it is a great time to invite them out. They make great examples of what you stand for.

Great Time to Have One on One Contact with Donors

During many events, you will not have time to get to know your donors, but at a golfing tournament, you will have that time. It is a great time to meet new people also. You charge a small entry fee; this enables new people to come out. This is a great time to turn them into donors! These personal connections are vital to your success!

Once the tournament starts the host has a great opportunity to get on a golf cart and stopping at each group and getting to know them.

Your Participants Will See Value in The Tournament

Golfing is a chance to get out in nature and away from the rat race. People see this as a chance to market. Not only is it relaxing and calming but it is a chance to make new connections. Many of the people attending see it as a day of relaxation. Few will be interested in the competition and prizes.

Golf Tournament Banners Have a Huge Impact

When you have a tournament, we suggest putting a banner up a month ahead of time to let the regular players know you are having one. This does two things, first gives the regular players notice and draws in more interest and possibly players. We recommend a 3’x5′ banner for this. The best thing is this banner can be reused year after year. They are made from fade-resistant ink materials designed just for event signage! Along with giving you recognition!

Hole Sponsor Signs

The most golf tournament has hole sponsor signs. These are usually local businesses that donate a set sum to sponsor that hole. At each hole, you will place their company logo and contact information. We make the hole sponsor sign to say “This Hole Sponsored by:” You want to have three levels of sponsorship may be gold, silver, platinum, and bronze. Each hole can have three sponsors—the higher level of sponsorship, the bigger the signage.

The average size for hole sponsor signs is 24″x 18″ full color. They are made from a material called coroplast. As the sponsorship goes down, so does the size. Custom shapes are also available to call us for details on those.

Golf Cart Sponsor Wraps

Houston Sign Shop can turn any golf cart into a sponsored moving work of art. Some golf courses will allow you to wrap one of their golf carts and leave it wrapped for the year. This makes for a great sponsorship opportunity for someone. This means you can charge a premium price for this sponsorship. We do many vehicles wraps in Houston. These golf carts become the talk of the tournament and beyond!!

Indoor Signs in the Common Areas

You can show your appreciation to your sponsors both inside and out. Inside we can make signs with your sponsorship and their contact details. These are usually placed in the lunch areas or the entrance of the main course.

Directional Signs

You don’t want people confused about where to go or where to meet. Well, place directional signage is essential. Houston Sign Shop makes these out of coroplast material printed in full color. These are waterproof and hold up great. Common directional signage is food carts, parking, putting contest, lunch area, and longest drive contest. These help to make your tournament successful.