Custom Building Signs

Getting The Right Houston Sign Shop for Your Custom Business Signs

Houston custom building signs are a great way to make your building stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for large metal signs, vinyl lettering, architectural signage, or any other type of sign that is uniquely yours, we have what you need. We offer a variety of options and competitive pricing on all products with fast turnaround times to ensure that your needs are met promptly. Our staff is knowledgeable about various types of materials and can help guide you through the process so that you get exactly what you want without having to worry about anything else! Contact us today if this sounds like something that might interest you!

Getting The Right Sign The Delivers The Right Message

The business signs you choose to display are a major factor in how customers perceive your company. So, it’s important to do some research before making any decisions about what type of building sign will best suit the needs of businesses like yours – and their budgets!custom building signs
The tone should be informative with an understanding that there’s more than one way for entrepreneurs across industries—from restaurants or fitness studios to law firms or corner stores-to create visuals that communicate brand personality while still being cost-effective enough not to impact margins too much if they’re on tight finances but big enough where everyone knows exactly who we are.

We care for every step of your custom sign, starting with an initial phone consultation. From there we’ll work to design the perfect solution that will meet all of your needs right up until installation day! Whether it is manufacturing or repair in need; maintenance planning down payment processing…we do everything so you don’t have to worry about anything but getting back home safely after a long day at work.

There are Several Types of Building Signs

Our Houston, TX consultants are most likely to recommend one of a few different sign types. We will take into account your location and business type then help you decide on signs that best fit the needs for both now as well as in future growth opportunities with our expertise! Whatever we suggest, you can bet that it’s the best choice for your location and business needs.

Every single one of our signs is custom-made. That means that even if you choose a outdoor channel letter or other type, like directional signages which are often the same as businesses in your area; each piece will stand out and have its unique personality while still having an element common among all these pieces together for cohesion purposes because they’re different than what’s typical where people see them going on their daily commute home from work every day after 5 PM when traffic starts picking back up again at around 8:30 pm during weeknights
Our company has worked hard over time perfecting this craft by trial and error until now there isn’t anything most companies can compare with us when comes down to individuality plus creativity combined.

Channel Letters or Dimensional Letters

The most popular choice of lettering for storefront and advertising is dimensional signage. These letters can include individual characters, logos, or shapes to create your desired look in just about any size you need! They’re durable too which means they’ll be around long after other types have fallen apart from wear-and-tear on the outside or weather damage inside if it’s exposed as an old building Once installed these pieces hold up well against everything that comes at them so this type will never go out of style either – making sure customers know exactly where their destination lies even years later without having anyone forget what shopfront contains those amazing deals every day (or night)!

Different types of lettering are suited for different situations. Channel letters, which have a transparent face and can be cut from acrylic or metal if more attention is needed, would work well in this case because there’s no need to show off detailed engravings on one side like with dimensional pieces of woodcut lettering that might glow beautifully when backlit by artificial lights at night.

Custom Building Signs Lighted

When you need to be seen at night or during the day, your business must have lighted signs. A lot of different types work well and will help position drivers as they pass by on major thoroughfares in front of them. For example, backlit channel letters are great because not only do they catch attention from far away but also when approached head-on there is enough light coming off this typeface so people can easily read what lettering faces have been installed with ease! You can help your Houston business to be seen, no matter what time of day or night with lighted signs. This is especially useful for businesses such as theaters, bars, and gas stations that stay open late into the evening hours.

Hanging Signs and Projecting Signs

Whatever term you use, these sign types are perpendicular to your building instead of being fixed flat against the facade. They can come in many forms such as backlit cabinet signs or may be manufactured using Urethane Foam, wood metal, and other custom materials. When it comes to attracting foot traffic, these signs are hard-working and can be used in tandem with storefront signs or as the directional elements for businesses that lack clear signage.

Canopy Signs

Your storefront needs protection and the public must know who you are. With a sign, customers will be able to find your business easily! These awning custom signs come in many different styles but all work equally well for protecting their property or identifying themselves with pride – as if they were wearing a uniform of some kind (which we hope they do).

If you’re looking for a sign that will last through the seasons outdoor and keep your business visible, an Awning Sign is perfect. They come in all shapes to suit any decorating style from rustic chic or modern minimalistic designs!

We recommend choosing a product that can handle harsh weather conditions such as rain without sacrificing the quality of construction so it lasts longer than average outdoor signage objects (which typically only survive light snowflakes). The best aspect about this type? You don’t have to worry about pesky bugs ruining their appearance because they are fully UV resistant which protects them against beetle infestation – just another reason why these make great additions to patios at restaurants open-air.

Call us With Your Location We Will Give You a Free Outdoor Site Survey

Call us, we will ask you a few questions about your project. As a local sign company, we value you as a customer and want to help you achieve your goals. Brand awareness is very important for your success. The graphics on your signage is only a small part of the complete puzzle! Keep in mind our quotes are always free this is what sets us apart from other graphic shops/sign shops!