Commercial Car Wraps Houston

Business vehicles are a core component of any company’s visual identity; it’s difficult to overlook that fact. Your truck is your storefront on wheels, and many people will make an instant judgment about you and your product based on what they see. Commercial Vehicle Wraps provide a one-of-a-kind solution that helps you leave strong, lasting impressions with the people you cross!

Commercial vehicle wraps are a great way to promote your company and get your name out there. They are also a great way to increase brand awareness and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Manufacturers use commercial vehicle wraps to advertise their products and services, while other companies use them as a promotional tool. The best thing about commercial vehicle wraps is that they can be customized in any shape, size, or color you want!

Commercial car wraps are an affordable, easy way to advertise your business. Houston Sign Company can customize wraps according to your existing brand guidelines and budget and install them on your team’s vehicles.

Car wraps are an inexpensive, yet highly effective way to advertise your business. Houston Sign Company can help you design a wrap that integrates with your existing logo design and budget. Car wraps are versatile and can be applied to any vehicle, large or small!

For 3 years, the wrap is guaranteed against normal wear and tear to keep it looking beautiful.

Types Of Commercial Wraps We do In Houston

Commercial wraps are a great way to advertise your business.

There are three main types of commercial wraps: vinyl, die-cut, and full color.

Vinyl: Vinyl is the most common type of commercial wrap. It is easy to install and can last for years without fading or peeling away. Vinyl can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as brick, wood, metal, and glass.

Die-Cut: Die-cut wraps are made with a die-cut machine that cuts out shapes from an adhesive vinyl sheet.

Full Color: Full-color wraps are made by printing onto an adhesive vinyl sheet in full color from start to finish.

At Houston Sign, we offer the following options for business car wraps in Houston, TX:

  • Full Wrap

  • Partial Wrap

  • Economical Wrap

  • Fleet Wraps

  • Car Wraps

  • Van Wraps

  • Commercial Wraps

  • 18 Wheeler Wraps

  • Food Truck Wraps

  • Many Other Kinds of Wraps

Cut Vinyl Graphics Houston

Vinyl letters and logos are an economical way to outfit a single car or an entire fleet. These decals can give your fleet a uniform look that stands out for a clean, professional appearance.

Partial Car Wrap

If you’re looking to wrap your vehicle but don’t want to spend a lot of money, consider a partial wrap. Partial wraps can be customized to fit your style and budget, which means you’ll get the best of both worlds. Contact us today for more information on partial vehicle wraps or other custom graphic design services.

A partial car wrap is a perfect solution for people who don’t have the budget for a full-auto wrap. A partial car wrap still offers all of the same benefits that a full auto wrap would but at a lesser cost. This is because you don’t need as much material to cover your vehicle in a partial car wrap, which keeps your costs down. The downside to only having part of your vehicle covered

Full Company Car Wrap

A vehicle wrap is a type of sign that can be installed on the exterior of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They are a great way to advertise your business or promote a special event.


Houston Sign Company is a premier 3M Controltac and 3M laminate certified installation company in Houston. We offer the best products, competitive pricing, and warranty with the highest quality installations.


Design time is often included in the pricing. The cost of design varies depending on the type of design service, the amount of time it takes to complete a project, and the expertise needed for a specific project. Designers will typically charge an hourly rate or a flat fee for their services.

Designers may also offer packages that include multiple services and/or hours. For example, graphic designers might offer packages that include logo design, website design, business card design,houston sign shop and other related services.

Graphic designers offer a wide array of services that can be tailored to fit the needs of their clients. Designers may also offer packages that include multiple services and/or hours. For example, graphic designers might offer packages that include logo design, website design, business card design, and other services to help their clients build a professional image.